Eastern Pelion is full of tradition, history and enchanting pictures. We could say that the whole area of ​​Eastern Pelion is "worth seeing" but there are some special sights that a visitor must see when he comes to Pelion.

  • Damouchari

Damouchari is a small, picturesque and quiet village, consisting of two small bays that are connected by a peninsula on which there are ruins of a castle. The North Bay is a harbor with taverns and houses. The South bay has a beautiful beach full of white pebbles and crystal clear waters, which in combination with the neighboring canyon give Damouhari a wild beauty. You can walk to the picturesque paved cobbled streets within the settlement, as well as to the one that starts for Tsagarada, overlooking the deep blue Aegean Sea. From the northern side of Damouchari, you will find the path leading to the beautiful beach of Papa Nero.

It is worth mentioning that Damouchari was part of the shooting of the Hollywood remix of the movie "Mama Mia" with Meryl Strip in the leading role.

  • Stone bridge of Tsagarada

The old stone arched bridge of Tsagarada was built in 1787 and is located in the stream of Mylopotamos. It is said that is the oldest bridge in Pelion and is definitely a cross section of Pelion’s folk architecture in its splendor.

  • The 1000 years old plane

This giant plane tree is located in the central paved square of Agia Paraskevi, Tsgarada. This plane tree, which is an attraction and a characteristic point of photography, offers coolness during the summer months.

  • The library of Zagora

With over 10,000 volumes and 150 handwritten codes, Library of Zagora is one of the most remarkable sights in eastern Pelion.

  • Church of Agia Marina (Saint Marina)

In our gorgeous village Kissos, in the beautiful, paved square is the three-aisled basilica church of Agia Marina (Saint Marina), built in 1650. It is considered to be one of the best ecclesiastical monuments of Pelion with the very impressive altarpiece that has carved all the animals and plants, possibly presenting the Noah's Ark. We are very proud that Atrapos Hotel is right across from this unique church and offers its visitors the opportunity to admire this rare beauty of all the religious attraction of Kissos.

  • Krifo Scholio (Underground school) in Tsagarada

During the Ottoman domination, in the middle of a steep cliff that is ravaged by the wild waves of the sea, there is the Krifo Scholio, next to the beach of Fakistra. In that school, a monk taught the children secretly from the Ottomans. Today, this cave is preserved and is open to the public.

  • Chapels of Kissos

The old monastery of Agios Efstathios is on the new road leading to Hania. Built around 1200 AD, demolished for a while but recently renovated, the chapel of Agios Efstathios will impress you. Do not forget to visit the chapel of Aghia Paraskevi, Prophet Elias and St. Constantine.

  • Daimaki Sping

The spring is one of the most beautiful and the oldest in the area.  Is located 800m from Kissos. Do not hesitate to ask the staff of the Atrapos Hotel for more information.

  • Drakou Skamni

 Drakou Skamni is a unique place in the mountain with a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea and Kissos at the same time.

  • The School of Rigas Feraios:

The traditional architecture "Hellenic museum", a school which is now known as Riga’s school, is the oldest school in Pelion and was founded in 1777. This was the school of Riga Velestinli - Feraiou, but also of other personalities of spirit and letters.

  • Hanging Bridge Ai Giannis

At the end of the pedestrian street on the beach of Agios Ioannis, where the path that leads to Papa Nero begins, is a modern, beautiful hanging bridge, which surprise the visitors that passing by.


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